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just a thought

what is motion? If one were in a windowless room won a boat in a calm sea, where thew were no pauses or jerks: could one tell if they were moving or not? The answer is no. Motion is relative. Most things in this planet are relative too. It is the moist important aspect, everything is relative. There is no one thing independent of anything else. For example a butterfly flapping it's wings may cause a tornado several hundred miles away. Everything is connected to everything else. Even these words which you read are connected to some previous definition that you've learned. Since everything is then connected, then there must be a beginning. That beginning is fundamental units.

Fundamentals units define everything. They are axioms, that is self-evident truths. Can we describe time with out seconds? There is no definition for the second other than itself. Different time units do not exist. Derived units are an extension of the fundamental ones which make it possible for us to describe further phenomena. However, these phenomena are nothing more than manipulation of the units. First we describe fundamental units.

It is these aforementioned units which are the basis for definitions. For example a person is nothing more than a heap of matter. He has mass and dimensions. This mass and these dimensions are described by the fundamental units. This means we are dependent on the units. One may argue that human interactions are a "higher act". However, it has been proven that it is nothing more than a series of electrical impulse, which govern us. The electricity is an expression of the fundamental units. They are translated into what we believe be unique. All matter has the different ways of being translated into a four-dimensional being. Everything is subject to the parameters set by the fundamental units.

The derived unit is important as well. Derived units are difficult. For example a cat multiplied by a book would yield a cat-book. This is what we've been trained to do in our grade school. Arbitrarily join x and y because they are being multiplied. But variables represent something. When certain phenomena happens in nature it is possible to use the fundamental units to describe them. But for convenience derived units are used. But derived units express relationships. Newtons describe Force, which is something that will make something else accelerate which means that it's speed will increase exponentially. Matter is an expression of natural phenomena, and since phenomena is the units we are the units.

We are ultimately expressions of the units. Which means our emotions are too. SO procreation is nothing more than an act which makes out universe. Procreation is the subject of greatest interest because it is the driving force behind life. It is also the driving force behind evolution. DNA reproduces via organism. Ultimately a species' goal is to reproduce. Even though humans attempt to deny this fact it is true. Since these acts are nothing more than movements through a four-dimensional plane they are nothing more than expressions of fundamental units. It is the units which breathe life into existence.

Finally, the universe is made of everything. We have just concluded that anything is made from these units. Hence we conclude the universe is these units. Everything is the same, a translation of the units.

my name is Jo and I'm new here
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