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Who's up for some discourse, eh?

It has come to my attention, or rather -> been beated, personably, into my waking state of consciousness, that the institutions of academic and faculties of modern scholarship are flawed, fundamentally flawed. How and why? you may ask? Namely, there are is an enormity of managerial and interpersonal defects inherent within the human condition. Don't believe me? Fine, I'm not really going to care for the sake of this entry but, I suggest taking a good long look around you cocerning where people in this world throw their money, and money is, afterall, a kind of trust intrinsic to the relations we as people work about and bide by. But as for schools and such, I'm not quite so sure that teachers or professors and to a certain extent, lecturers, are working on levels contradictory to the failures inherent to faculties of learning within each and everyone of us. I am considering a stance that regards the brain, the human brain I'm talking about, it'll be years and centuries possible before we starting learning in classrooms with dolphins, as confined to a set and finite system of limitations that confine and restrict knowledge by and by on a individual by individual basis.

There need to be mesures that work in kind of counter-cognizance to flaws autistic and otherwise, and these methods should be made (dare i say) dogma! within the accepted and traditional aspects of the teacher-pupil bond. Naturally, I'm working from a perspective that does not consider the fraternal relationship that an instructor has with his or her pupils, the way in which there is a kind of love/hate bond in the sharing of knowledge, the teaching of tact in conceptual instinct, and the objective forwarding of scholarship. A great deal of reasoning behind why education as it stands in itself is flawed at its facets is the lack of relevance and importance that education has been relegated. This issue is again, circumnavigates itself back to an issue of money.

Let's look at this thing and universal bartering agent: money. Why do we even need some physical, tangible, and emotionally void substance in the middle ground of exchange? There is a violence to the way animals share resources and the vitals of life, we're eager to be greedy afterall and it won't be long before wars will be fought over water and stuff essentially just as meager... So then there's no hope for us all expect for what we do out of love, for love, though not nescessarily selfless, is compulsory and it's the biological reasoning for why there are so many of us anyway (I'm still speaking about the humans reading this, stop conceptualizing universes in which we don't exist! Such endeavours are fruitless!). But is the exchange of knowledge a kind of love? Is it a kind of altruistic sharing of wealth? Or could one consider the phenomenon a fruitless and idealistic stalling of an otherwise entropic universe, one bound to death by means eventual?

This is why I argue for the installment of devices - tools that are to be agreed upon - that will set precedence for combating a condition inherent to us as an illness in the pursuit of pure scholarship. Some five sets of rules... Well, I'm not going to suggest anything as I am tired, seemingly confined to apathy and will never amount to anything... Now that we've the self-deprications out of the way (hey, I mean, we all got rip on ourselves sometimes, right? How else does the individual growth in its strength?)

So five edicts/aphorisms that, while counter-intuitive in construction, will provide for a better learning enviroment:

Questions are crucial, even those seemingly absurd in delivery. Question until a lack of answer becomes comfortable and potentially humorous.

Never feign misunderstanding. An ear open too wide is on par with self deception.

While I'm unsure if a person can learn while sleeping, I'm certain anybody can learn from dreaming.

"Why." is a sentence. Though no one should be proud to saying it.

Matters of opinion are aesthetic building blocks. Facticity and tradition are ethical foundations.

Ok, I take all this back. We're doomed in fuction and now I feel like I've copied a page from the manuscript of 1984...

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