Daniel Patrick Johnson (teknotus) wrote in pytharwinism,
Daniel Patrick Johnson

World Naked Bike Ride


The ride was on Saturday, and I missed it for multiple reasons. Maybe I will be brave enough to do it next year. I think it is a good idea. Mass media has been promoting the myth that nudity, and sex are the same for too long. They have also been promoting that people need to have perfect bodies. So people seem to think that being naked in public is like having sex in public which is absurd. They also think that their bodies are something to be embarrassed about and ashamed of if they aren't perfect. I think being comfortable in one's own skin is part of self esteem.

Now this also has many other positive aspects to it. Removing cloths also removes most indications of social status so people feel much more like one another. It is exercise. It is a protest of the dependence on cars, and how their dominance of the streets almost makes it unsafe to bike except in large groups. It is a protest against dependence on oil.

I haven't been ignoring this group. I have been working on a new info page, and it has become quite large. I want to clarify things, align it to the new focus on values, and remove chaos. Though in the process of adding new information I think I also add new questions so perhaps it is impossible to make everything clear, but I will try to at least make it better.
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