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pytharwinism's Journal

Numerical Evolution
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I'm currently working on a new info page for this community. The idea of the community is evolving, and the info needs to reflect that ideology. Check out http://www.livejournal.com/community/pytharwinism/8310.html#comments for the work in progress. I'm going to leave the old info up until I get farther along with the new info.

Pytharwinism is a merging of the beliefs of Pythagoreans, and Darwinists. Those schools of thought sometimes contrast. For example Pythagoras was a celibate, vegetarian, and Darwinism favors the reproduction of the fittest. Pytharwinism accepts people with widely varying beliefs so long as their actions fit the concept of PLUR(Peace Love Unity, and Respect).

The two most important beliefs of Pytharwinism are:

1) The universe is made of numbers

2)The universe, and the things within it evolve

At very small scales things are measured as distinct states rather than having infinite variance. All of the variances of all living things are encoded with just 4 base pairs on a DNA strand. Can all the complexity of all the universe be similarly simplified to a few simple rules? Most of mathematics has already been shown to be deducible from just the concept of the number line. Mathematics is the language of physics. Chemistry is highly dependent on physics. Cellular Biology dependent on Chemistry, and so on most of science is based on a collection of simple rules. Chaos makes it very difficult to decode life, the universe, and everything, but slowly our concept is getting clearer. Perhaps then it is possible to simulate on a small scale an exact representation of the laws of nature. In that case worlds of our creation can be in a way just as real, as the world around us today. How then are we to argue that our biological evolution is superior to the evolution of the memes that we create. It seems inevitable to me that our race will not always look as it does today. We will become a combination of the genes in our bodies, ones we borrow from other creatures, and ones we create ourselves. We will not be limited be the genetic code though. We will enhance ourselves through the use of technology, as we have for countless generations, only more, and more the technology will be inside our very bodies, even at birth. Body modification is already common practice. Tattoos, piercings, hair die, metal joints, pacemakers, breast implants. Cochlear implants directly stimulate auditory nerves giving the ability to hear to those born deaf. I know plenty of people who have adverse reactions to a simple tongue stud. I can only imagine how they would handle someone who has resequenced their own DNA such that they grow fir needles in place of hair, and have a satellite uplink antenna firmly implanted in their head. Both of these could potentially happen some day.

Joining this community does not automatically make you a pytharwinist. If you have a question, or a friendly comment to make go ahead, and join.

For people pytharwinism may at least provide something of a functional equivalent to religion. For others who are already strongly committed to a faith it might only extend their belief structure slightly by giving them another perspective on the language of the universe. Pythagoreans, and Darwinists have both extended our understanding, hopefully Pytharwinists will do the same.